Quality and R&D

Satyam Fertilizers


Satyam Fertilizers knows, and fully believes, that a single highway leads to customer satisfaction, commercial success and market leadership – and that highway is Quality.
Even while conforming to standard product specifications that meet the largest denominator of customer needs,Satyam Fertilizers tries to give its products a distinct quality edge – enabled through continual R&D and pre-emptive enhancements in product quality, based on customer feedback.
Satyam Fertilizers has expanded its specific product quality spectrum into a larger, wider quality circle – counselling the farmers on environment and future-friendly farming methodologies, and actively propagating new philosophies such as Organic Farming and Organic Living.
Satyam Fertilizers product quality is underscored by the highest standards in the field, such as ISO 14001:2004 Certifications.

Satyam Fertilizers

Research and Development

The R&D vision of Satyam Fertilizers is based on the awareness that, while the front-end and end-use of its products are on down-to-earth farming fields, the back-end is, ironically, at technology labs where even the modest soil is a dynamic experimental platfor.

R&D : Focus Areas:

  • Maintenance / enhancement of existent product quality through maintenance / enhancement of production process efficiency
  • Development of new value-added products, and catering to the needs of new market segments
  • Soil Research (soil health analysis, repair & maintenance, and study and development of Plant Nutrients
  • Horizontal and vertical integration of the company’s processes, for greater efficacy and better results