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Satyam Fertilizers


The SIMPHOS, which we offer, contains organically bounded mineral phosphate which is totally available to plant and which is 100 % replacement of all chemical phosphatic fertilizers.
We are among the reliable Manufacturers, Exporters and Suppliers of Simphos. We provide the Simphos at competitive rates to the clients.

Availability To Plant :

SIMPHOS contains organically bounded phosphate, which gets totally available to plant.
Simphos contains bio available silica and essential organic acids, which help to break down all these (Ca, Mg, Fe and Al) Cations from phosphate anions.
Simphos phosphate gets available to plant by process of organic acids, and it becomes totally available with protection of 11 types of amino acids and active bacteria’s in the soil.
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Satyam Fertilizers


  • Phosphate Rich Organic Manure (PROM)
  • Available Phosphates minimum 10.42 %
  • Phosphate is available up to 10 months to the crops
  • No leaching losses
  • CN: 12:1 Helps build soil structure with carbon in it Neutral PH 7 helps availability of Phosphate in all soils
  • Contains 24% Organic Carbon level in the soil, helping improve soil health
  • Alternative to DAP, 20:20, SSP fertilizers & Rock Phosphate Cheaper than the chemical fertilizers
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